What is the Body-Bassador program?

The Banter-Bassador program aims to recruit high-school and college-age students to become leaders for Body Banter clubs at their schools.

The goals of the program are to:

  1. Provide a safe space on campus for students to share their stories and perspectives.

  2. Promote exposure to diverse perspectives through the sharing of discussion topics and ideas between peers and across school clubs.

  3. Encourage curiosity and creative advocacy in club members by engaging them in curriculum design and idea generation for on-campus events aiming to open up the discussion about body image.

What will Body Banter clubs do?

Body Banter clubs are expected to meet once a week, or every two weeks. Club members will both contribute to and draw from the collaborative curriculum, a pool of discussion topics created by Body Banter clubs from different school communities.

Half of the sessions will be created by club members based on topics that are directly pertinent to their interests and added to the collaborative curriculum page for other school clubs re-use. The other half of the sessions will be chosen by members from the collaborative curriculum page, based on their interest in topics generated by other clubs.

Check out our collaborative curriculums here:

What are the responsibilities of club leaders?

  • Lead weekly discussions: Communicate with club members to determine topics that are relevant/of interest.

  • Write meeting summaries: These topics and questions will contribute to the Collaborative Curriculum, and can be used by Body Banter groups from other campuses.

  • Plan monthly events: Plan on-campus events to raise awareness for body image issues/involve the greater school community in conversations about body image

  • Engage with the online platform: Write monthly columns and encourage members to start projects on the BB platform (podcasts, photo campaigns).

  • Share ideas and connect with other Banter-bassadors: Share ideas for future discussion topics and events on the “Banter-bassadors Unite” closed Facebook page!

See our clubs in action:

Help us make the program happen! We are currently looking for: 

  • High school/college-age students who are interested in spearheading Body Banter groups at their schools

  • Individuals with personal or professional experience with body image/mental health/youth empowerment work (or other relevant fields) who are interested in helping out with curriculum development and program management.

If you are interested in either of these roles, or have any questions for us, please fill out the form below and our team will contact you as soon as possible! 


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