Body image: It's an everyone issue.

The Body Banter team believes that everyone plays a role in the body image movement, whether your contribution is big or small, or even if you have struggled with body image concerns in the past or not, everyone can make a difference in creating a more accepting environment.

Our realities, as objective as they may seem, are shaped by our unique stories. How we feel about and act towards our bodies have been dictated by diet culture and mainstream society for too long, and it is time to play and active role in recreating our realities.

Through encouraging dialogue between diverse individuals, promoting exposure to new perspectives, and empowering students with opportunities to lead the charge in redefining body image, Body Banter aims to challenge young people to think critically about what body image means, but more importantly, what it can mean.

What is body image? You tell us.


About Body Banter 

Founded in 2017 by Steph Ng, Body Banter is a project that aims to empower high-school and college-age students to be body image advocates: to encourage them to actively engage in discussions about body image issues, to access and contribute to body positivity resources and to implement concrete action plans to create a more body positive environment in the world around them. 

During her recovery from an eating disorder, Steph realized that despite the rising number of individuals struggling with body image issues and eating disorders, discussions of body image issues were few and far between and misinformed understandings of these issues were everywhere. 

Body Banter is a culmination of the resources that Steph wishes that she could have had during her formative teenage years: A space to share stories, to access diverse opinions and to connect with like-minded others. 


Our initiatives

  1. The online platform: features "Share", a rolling blog that welcomes submissions from everyone about their take on what body image means to them and "Grow", a collection of columns written by individuals who have unique perspectives on the issue of body image.

  2. Banter-bassador program: Currently in the works, this program aims to recruit high-school and college-age students to become leaders for Body Banter groups at their schools. Following a regularly updated online curriculum, Banter-bassadors will lead weekly discussions on topics related to body image and work with club members to develop action plans to raise awareness about body image issues in the school community (e.g. Organize campaigns and exhibitions).


Get involved

We are currently looking for passionate high school and college-age students to help us manage our online platform and/or develop our Banter-bassador program. If you are even remotely interested in getting involved, please fill out the form below and we will send you more details! :) 

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