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What is body image? What should our relationship with our bodies be like? You tell us.

Diet culture and mainstream society has dictated the way that we feel about and treat our bodies for too long. It’s time to reclaim our rights and rewrite the story through sharing, exploring and thinking critically.

To make a change, we must BE the change.


Your story matters.

Before we can start a movement, we must first build solidarity. Share your story with the supportive Body Banter community and play a role in shredding the stigma about speaking up.


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“Grow” is a space for you to explore how YOU can rewrite your body image story.

Learn how our passionate columnists have been striving to redefine the meaning of body image in their own lives and others, and check out our Banter Broadcast podcasts and interviews to see how acts of advocacy have empowered budding and experienced advocates alike!

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