Kindling Kindness with Katie

A little bit about Katie…

Hi there! My name is Katie, and I am a senior at Belmont University in Nashville, TN. 

I have struggled with poor body image and disordered eating since middle school and have only recently began making significant strides towards healing. Throughout this journey, I have become very passionate about learning, understanding & educating health as it pertains to food, self-perception, exercise, and cultural influence.

I banter because everybody and every body deserves healing. I believe that by sharing our experiences, we can become more empathetic, compassionate, and stronger individuals.

This space will serve as a reflective & artistic outlet, for myself and others, in hopes of reaching anyone who may need it.


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Seeing Beyond Our Reflection

Painting has always been a great stress-reliever for me. It gives me peace and light when I need it most. 

The painting above is a self-portrait that I created about a year ago. I made it as a reminder to appreciate my body and respect its needs, even when I want to fight it. 

The original name for this piece was “I Stayed Home Instead,” but it has since become untitled. On the day I began painting it, I decided not to go to the gym. It may not sound like anything special, but at the time, this was huge. I felt ashamed about how my body looked because I had been eating poorly. “I MUST go to the gym,” I thought, “A bad workout is better than no workout!” 

But I was wrong.

A bad workout isn’t necessarily better than no workout. In fact, staying home allowed me to refocus my energy on more important things—one of those being that my body doesn’t care what it looks like, because it works hard at one job: 

Keeping me /alive/. 

So I’ve learned that at times when I feel guilty for missing a workout or eating ‘X-Y-Z,’ it’s important that I listen to my body and allow myself to rest.