Body Banter @ Duke

Body Banter @ Duke is the pilot club for the Banter-Bassador program. We try and test different discussion topics and event ideas that we hope to share with more communities! Read more about our club goals and initiatives below: 

Club goals and initiatives

Weekly Banter Brainstorms: Providing a safe space for regular discussions about body image issues. These discussions will follow the TRI tree structure --> 1) Target the issue, 2) Relate it back to personal experiences and 3) Implement new insights into actionable steps. 

Want more info on what we discuss? Check out our meeting summaries on the “Collaborative Curriculum” page!

Positivity presentations: Members will be given the opportunity during weekly meetings to share insights about enhancing body positivity with fellow group members. 

Regular body positivity events on campus: The Body Banter club at Duke aims to hold monthly themed events to raise awareness about the effects of body image and to promote the active maintenance of body positivity. 

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