The Young Girl's Burden

The Young Girl’s Burden


Who knows the young girl’s burden?

I bet you’d be impressed,

She wears a smile so often,

You never would have guessed.

Her comfort with her image

Is something she has lost,

She yearns to be perfection,

But with it comes a cost.


Who knows the young girl’s burden

Of pleasing everyone?

And skinny being pretty,

The struggle’s just begun.

The grumbling in her stomach

To her is a good sign,

It proves that it is working,

But she won’t turn out fine.


Who knows the young girl’s burden?

She’s carried it for weeks,

All’s left of her is bone and

Her sallow, sunken cheeks.

Surrounded by her dearest,

Who try to change her fate

And try to make her better,

But is it much too late?


Who knows the young girl’s burden?

They urged her to stay strong,

“At last,” they cheered, “she’s healed now!”

They’d never been so wrong.

The nightmares will still haunt her,

It never ends you see,

But don’t ask how I know this,

For that young girl is me.

I banter because... it matters and needs to be talked about. Nothing has ever been solved by sweeping it under the rug. By opening up this conversation, we open up a healing process that is long overdue.