Unrealistic Media

Talking about our bodies can be a sensitive subject for everyone. Fostered by overly sexualized advertisements and unrealistic standards of having the “perfect beach body”, people have begun to reorient their way of thinking into what society deems as “acceptable” or “hot” -- but most of these claims are made by photoshopped models and airbrushed magazines, which make the standards essentially unattainable. Through emphasizing standardized appearances, society is inadvertently placing large amounts of social pressure on young boys and girls who feel like they need to resort to harming their own bodies because they want to “fit in”. If we all stand by and allow the destructive cycle to continue, we are ultimately perpetrators of this issue. I believe that this is a conversation that needs to be addressed across all ages, cultures, and organizations. People are harming themselves and others for it, and fuels other unhealthy conditions such as bulimia and depression. The only way to create a unified front against body image expectations is to create a broader platform of discussion so others feel like they are not alone in the fight.

I banter because I want to help change the public perception of the ideal body image.