Welcome to Body Banter

A project aiming to empower young people to advocate for change in the conversation about body image.

We believe that advocacy is empowerment. We believe that taking concrete action to create positive change is the key to making the world a more accepting and safe space for everyBODY. 

Through providing a platform for students around the world to share their unique stories and perspectives, and opportunities for them to work together as a global community to brainstorm ways of advocating for positive change, the Body Banter project empowers young people to be the force behind changing the conversation about body image and to work towards creating an accepting and safe space for all. 


Your story matters.

Before we can start a movement, we must first build solidarity. By sharing our unique perspectives, we can show that body image concerns do not discriminate, and can affect everyone.

Share your story with the supportive Body Banter community and play a role in shredding the stigma about speaking up.


Rewrite your narrative

“Grow” is a space for you to explore how YOU can rewrite your body image story.

Our passionate columnists share what they have learned from personal and academic experiences, discuss their thoughts on mainstream media messages, and more.

Our Banter Broadcast podcasts and interviews shine the spotlight on individuals who have learned to redefine body image in their own lives, whether this is through acts of advocacy or mindset shifts.

Ready to rewrite your own narrative? Contact bodybanter@gmail.com to become a Body Banter columnist!


Pay it forward!

Passionate about body image issues and want to speak up in your community? Be bold and lead the charge.

As a Banter-bassador, you will receive mentorship from our team members to establish a Body Banter discussion club at your school and connect with student leaders from around the world to brainstorm ideas for body image advocacy.

Click below to learn more about the Banter-bassador program!



Join us in making social media a more inclusive space.

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