About Body Banter: 

Founded in 2017, Body Banter is an online platform that aims to engage communities in increased discussions about body image, raise awareness about the diversity in our experiences of body image issues and to make body positivity practices accessible and engaging. 

During her recovery from an eating disorder, Steph realized that discussions of body image issues were few and far between, contributing to the perpetuation of stigmatizing responses to an illness that many people knew little about. Moreover, despite consulting with mental health professionals, Steph realized that recovery was ultimately up to changing her own mindset, which was difficult to do because she didn't know where to start looking for help. 

Body Banter was created in response to Steph's wish to "give back the years" that she lost to her eating disorder: to encourage more people to engage in discussions about body image issues and to seek to understand these issues more deeply, as well as to provide ample resources for everyone to pursue body positivity in their lives. 

Our mission: 

"Body image: It's an everyone issue."

The Body Banter team has three core beliefs: 

  1. Body positivity is a verb: A state of body positive being needs to be actively maintained. 
  2. Body image is diverse, but all are worth understanding: Anyone can struggle with body image, whether this is at the mild or extreme end of the spectrum, and everyone's experiences are unique. Regardless of these differences, all experiences are legitimate and worth every effort to understand more deeply. 
  3. Everyone plays a part in the body positivity movement: Even if you have never struggled with body image concerns, you CAN make a difference in creating a more body positive environment for yourself and others. 

With these beliefs in mind, Body Banter aims to: 

  • Provide resources to support you on the active maintenance of body positivity in your life and to promote body positivity in your communities. 
  • Provide a safe and supportive space for the sharing of our diverse experiences. 
  • Engage communities in regular discussions about body image to raise awareness about diversity in our experiences with our bodies, and to brainstorm actionable steps to promoting body positivity in the greater community. 

Navigating our site:

A safe space for you to share your unique experiences with the supportive Body Banter community. 

Find opportunities to interact with a mentor who has had personal experiences with body image concerns and/or is passionate about promoting self-love. 

Delve into a resource hub for ideas on how to promote body positivity in your own and others’ lives, and explore diverse opinions on contemporary issues regarding body image. 

Positivity prompt: 

  https://goo.gl/images/Q6uD4v    A reminder that our bodies ALWAYS deserve love! 


A reminder that our bodies ALWAYS deserve love! 

Weekly challenge:

1/15 - 1/21

When we compliment our friends or peers, we tend to notice and comment on their appearances first. Let's notice all the wonderful things that make up a person - what are their hobbies, goals or dreams? How will you revise your compliments this week? 

Let us know how you did below  - top 3 responses will be featured on the site! 

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