Body image: It's an everyone issue.

The Body Banter team believes that everyone plays a role in the body image movement.


For too long, how our bodies look and how we feel about our bodies has been dictated by the media and society at large, and it is time to reclaim our rights: to define what beauty means, to feel comfortable in our own skins, to explore how we can treat our own and others’ bodies with respect and dignity.

Through encouraging dialogue between diverse individuals worldwide, promoting exposure to new perspectives, and empowering students with opportunities to lead the charge in redefining body image, Body Banter aims to challenge young people to think critically about what body image means, but more importantly, what it can mean.

Our initiatives

  1. The online platform: features The Story Space, a rolling blog that welcomes submissions from everyone about their stories with their bodies, The Banter Blog, a collection of columnists by individuals with unique perspectives about body image issues and Grow, a resource page to support mindset shifts surrounding food, movement and social interactions.

  2. The Banter-bassador program: With 4 chapters in the US, 1 chapter in Hong Kong, and 1 chapter in Germany, the Banter-bassador program aims to recruit high-school and college-age students to become leaders for Body Banter groups at their schools. Click HERE for more information.